About Our Franchise:

Vetter's Inc., Culligan has been a locally owned and operated business for over 65 years.  Keith Vetter, a former Iowa State Representative, started the business in Washington, IA in 1946.  The family business began in a garage and with the help of family and employees grew to what it is now.  Vetter's Inc. has now grown to five offices serving Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois.  Keith received much recognition for his success with Culligan including being president of the Water Conditioning Association International, president of the State Water Quality Association, member of the Dealer Advisory Council, and recipient of the WQA Regent’s awards in 1977.

This Culligan Franchise has been listed as one of the top ten water treatment companies in the United States.

Culligan has solved every water problem imaginable in order to deliver refreshing, clean and better water pure and simple.  Culligan Softeners, Water Filtration Systems, and Bottled Water will make a lasting impression on every household and work environment.

To get rid of Hard Water, Rusty Water, and Water that smells and tastes bad, just call your local Culligan Man and say "Hey Culligan Man!"


Vetter's Culligan Water: Our Mission Statement

To provide the best customer experience and deliver the highest quality water, and water treatment products that touches every aspect of our customer’s lives.  We raise the quality of life by providing the best experience and improving life’s most essential element:  WATER.